Enhancing the human experience

Business transformation in a digital world.
Personal & professional development.
Embracing the AI and ChatGPT revolution.
Connection & transformation

Embodiment in everything


Since my early childhood, I’ve been a delightful duality of Science & Logic alongside Passion & Art.

The weekdays were for corporate consulting, technology and MBA’ing.
The weekends were for facilitating workshops, community co-creation and musical experiences: focusing on personal & professional transformation, connection and intimacy creation.

Today, I integrate it all: business acumen, artificial intelligence, innovation and embodied practice to improve the human experience. 

Personal & Professional Transformation

To be in our flow, we need to align all 3 centres:
  – our analytical mind
  – our emotional heart &
  – our instinctual body.
Let this guide you to be a sovereign individual and embodied leader.

From public-speaking, through workshop facilitation, to personal coaching, I embrace various schools of thought: From Freud, Jung, and Osho; through polyvagal theory & trauma awareness; to the teachings of Yoga and neo-Tantra.

Business Consulting & Coaching

I love to build, restructure and inspire teams and leadership – so that they get shit done! Really! It’s all about saying “no” to the unlimited “projects / data / noise” that the digital world is offering us.

I also adore helping leaders & businesses plan: From Investor pitch-decks, shareholder value-alignment, all the way to intimidating forecasting spreadsheets.

Recently I’ve also integrated chatGPT into my consulting & coaching. Its a game-changer indeed.

Want to bring my analytical mind into full force? Give me the Excel & Data stuff: data-driven growth, marketing & usage funnel metrics, and advanced statistical analysis.

Mind-Body Intimacy

I co-facilitate retreats and workshops. We support you to create a meaningful connection with yourself and others, by connecting deeply to your body, your intuition, and to your heart.

– Conscious communication to deepen our relationships
– Evidence-based somatic tools to create safety in our bodies
– Grounded tantric practices to elevate intimacy

Lua: a dating-app Start-up

I co-founded a startup which promotes vulnerability & full expression of the 3 centres. For those who believe in personal growth, playfulness, and introspection, this dating app allows you to stop, observe yourself, and to truly be seen.

Mind-Journey Musical Experiences

Let me take you on a mind-travelling, heart-expanding ,
somewhat psychedelic journey of guitar.

“I go back in my mind to times when I travelled, saw nature and new sights that connected me to a new wondering.”

Featured in the “American finger-style journal”, placed 2nd in the “International Fingerstyle competition” in Poland, and recently performed at the Boom festival in Portugal.

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