Enhancing the human
experience in business.

Want a coach who isn’t just epic in business & strategy? …but understands that we’re emotional beings – with different belief systems & upbringing?

What can you expect?

Business Expertise

  • Strategy, Marketing, Planning, Operations, Analytics, BizDev, Tech, etc..
  • Defining clear targets, and measuring success.
  • ChatGPT will enhance everything, when used properly.
  • Methodologies to focus on high-value projects, and saying “No” to all the other good ideas.
  • An accountability partner to ensure commitment and progress
  • Hand-holding support – down to the software-details if needed.

Personal Well-Being & Effectiveness

  • Ensuring your mind, heart, body, and nervous system are aligned and thriving.
  • To build resilience, foster personal growth, and empower your journey to success & fulfilment.

Why choose me?

I’m not your typical business coach. Besides being an ex-Fortune500 consultant, and an Ivy-League Alumni-type… I’ve spent a lifetime balancing where the analytical meets the emotional, where business acumen blends with authenticity.  I understand the delicate balance of the human endevour within business.

Consulting Excellence

MBA & B(Sc) Engineering – London Business School Alumni

Ex-Fortune500 consultant (VirginMedia, Aviva, etc.)

15+ years in Business Consulting roles

Business & Entrepreneurship Experience

Independent Entrepreneur for over 10 years.

Co-founder of Investor Backed Authentic-Startup www.lua.earth

Personal-Development Expertise

25+ years experience with various Mindfulness practises.

6+ years experience holding workshops, retreats & sound-journeys (Certified in Trauma Informed practices)

Focus: Jungian Shadow-work, Non-violent communication, inner-child work & belief limitations.

Here's my typical coaching structure...

A flexible 10-week support package

Weekly video calls, with support between meetings. This will provide a mixture of consulting & coaching, coupled with an accountability & a support partner.  

½ the time: thinking, theory & deep understanding

  • Business models and discussions: eg: how to define your customer; how to create the service, the package, the pricing; marketing funnels; partnerships; etc..
  • Personal Well-being models & frameworks: eg: Limiting beliefs, Fight-flight-freeze Response…

Overarching all of this is “Getting Shit Done”

  • Ensuring we’re prioritising and that you’re on top of your to-Do-lists
  • Hand-holding support: from the software details to the emotional support and habit tracking.

Other ½ of time: actually doing the work

  • Business: Making the action plan, defining the customer, creating the offers, digital products, marketing (website, social…), suppliers, systems & operations, etc..
  • ChatGPT will play a significant role, amplifying our productivity and creativity.
  • Personal well-being: Digging into our internal world; being somewhat vulnerable; and starting new habits.

Overarching all of this: “Getting Shit Done”

  • Ensuring we’re prioritising and that you’re on top of your to-Do-lists
  • Hand-holding support: from the software details to the emotional support and habit tracking.

Here is an example programme:


Prioritising & getting shit done

I work with something similar to “GTD - Getting Things Done®” which I find a great way to keep focus, reprioritize as needed, and maximize our time & energy.

This methodology can be used with most tools.


Why are you really doing this?

We start with why? It's more important than “what” we do, and “how” we do it. People will pay you for “why” you do something.

Understanding the “why” accurately, will allow you to quickly assess future business, projects, partnership & opportunities.

Are they aligned to you? Or not?


Planning & prioritising

We first collect all the ideas we know intuitively, and intuitively prioritise: Marketing, Customers, Pricing, competitors, networking, partners, etc..

Then we create a system so that you constantly know - what is important? What are the 3-4 projects to focus on? And saying "no" to all the other great ideas ?


Strengths & weaknesses

How do we leverage strengths and mitigate weaknesses (partnerships, outsourcing suppliers, etc.)
How can we improve our personal life resilience?

This will require introspection & taking ownership of self.


Who exactly is the customer?

We will specifically define who you are trying to reach - there is much theory of how to go about this.

Demographic, family, income, aspirations, where would you find them, what else are they doing? and more...


High-level marketing plan

I'll help you have a clear understanding of your strategy and where you need to improve. We will determine where you need to be present.


Pricing & packaging

You'll learn how to create feasible and attractive package offerings. What variability and risks would there be, and does it resonate with your audience?


Marketing assets

I can assist in formulating what's needed, and can assist in bringing the right-people to assist.

What my clients say...

Let's Work Together!

30 minutes

One live video call
€140 90
  • Specific topic and/or BrainStorm
  • 2-3 questions
  • ChatGPT expertise

60 minutes

One live video call
€180 130
  • Broader discussion /w specifics & details
  • 3-4 questions
  • ChatGPT expertise

10-Week Program

video calls & on-going support
€2000 1500
  • Hyper Customised Guidance & Support
  • Ad-hoc email & whatsapp support
  • Roadmap to Success
  • Access to ChatGPT course (value €130)

Team Coaching

Want me involved with your team (3+ people)
Get in contact.

Experience Authentic Business Coaching

If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to chat.
Looking forward to helping you along this journey.

Nir Hermelin
nir @nirhermelin.com

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