Unleash the power of AI &
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Mindful ChatGPT

for coaches, facilitators & purpose-focused entrepreneurs

With real-life examples:

Discover how ChatGPT becomes an integral part of your team:
your business coach, your marketing consultant, and your mastermind peer support group.
All in one.

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Key Benefits

  • Practical strategies to leverage chatGPT for your business.
  • Massive time saving: Save hours and 5x your impact
  • From Fear to expertise: Overcome resistance towards AI
  • 24/7 Business Consultant: available at any time with ChatGPT.

Practical Applications

  • Business Insights: Gain deep understanding of your Target Market & customer needs.
  • Marketing & Strategy: Build your StoryBrand & market yourself effectively
  • Offerings & Solutions: Create new products, workshops, proposals & offerings.
  • Content Creation: Create Content, Event Descriptions & Landing Pages.
  • Authentic Personal Touch: Train ChatGPT to think & to write in your unique voice.

Exclusive Bonus!

ChatGPT Toolkit: A Practical Handbook.
A pdf that turns insights into ready-to-use action.

Success Stories

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I'm Nir Hermelin

Merging 15+ years in business & tech, with a decade in the personal development field.

I am a London Business School MBA alumni, with 15+ years experience in strategy, marketing & technology consulting, including some big Fortune500s, and I also have 10+ years experience in various personal-development & healing modalities: Predominantly Shadow-work, neo-tantra, mindfulness, nervous system & polyvagal theory, as well as sound-journeys.

I co-founded an investor-backed mindful dating app: Lua.earth, and today I spend much of my time facilitating somatic-safety & intimacy retreats: MindBodyIntimacy.life

This chatGPT course is my way of really bringing my combined gifts to the world. I can’t imagine anything better than helping you bring more transformation and healing to the world.

Included in the course...


AI Mindset - Think Like a ChatGPT Manager

Artificial Intelligence is a whole new way of looking at the world. With that, ChatGPT is a more like a smart intern, than a computer program.

You’ll learn how to think like a ChatGPT manager, to get the most out of your ChatGPT interns.


Mastering Prompts: Engage ChatGPT Effectively

You’ll learn best-practise of how to talk to ChatGPT, to get precise & useful outcomes – this is a game changer.


Getting stuff done!

The most significant module of the course, you’ll learn (and understand) real-life relevant prompts for every part of your business:

  • Writing like you  (hint: ChatGPT can analyse your style of writing & tone of voice, based on anything you’ve previously written.)
  • Business strategy – like an expensive management consultant.
  • Marketing Strategy – StoryBrand, your niche, products & offerings
  • Marketing – branding, brainstorming social media ideas, writing content, and more…
  • Sales – landing pages, event descriptions, Call-To-Actions, sales proposals 
  • Workshops & Proposals Creation


Authentic ChatGPT Toolkit: A Practical Handbook

A PDF handbook summarising what you’ve learned, and saving you time in future. (think copy&paste)

and more...

Money-Back Guarantee

Doing this course, and taking it to heart, will be the single best ROT (Return on time) for your business. Nothing else will allow you to do, what this course can do, in the same amount of time. That is a promise.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with this ChatGPT course, let me know within 14 days for a full refund. No questions asked.

Payment in Full

€130 110 One-Time Payment
  • List Item #3

DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE: Customers from developing nations, emerging markets & non-profit organizations are eligible for discounts. Case-by-Case discounts are also available on request. “Contact” me at the bottom of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course suitable for both beginner and experienced ChatGPT users?

Yes, indeed. Whether you’re just starting with ChatGPT or have extensive experience, you’ll find valuable insights and strategies specifically for the self-development industry.

How much time commitment is required for the course?

The self-paced course is designed to be completed in about 2.5 hours. This time allows you to absorb the material, AND actively practise the prompts. You’ll get real & relevant results for your business.

If time allows, I recommend completing the course over 1 or 2 days.

Is there any ongoing support or community after the course?

I’m working on developing a community feature for information sharing. I am also available for 1on1 consulting for additional and advanced needs.

Does the course address ethical considerations in using AI?

While I do speak about various philosophies and analogies of AI, I don’t specifically talk about ethics. This course is not about replacing coaching, facilitation or therapy, but rather about using ChatGPT as a partner.

Are there any success stories?

Yes. You’ll find testimonials on this page, but feel free to reach out, and I’ll send you additional video testimonials.