Enhancing the human experience

Doing business in an ever-changing digital world.

Embracing the AI & ChatGPT Revolution.

Embodiment in everything


I often work with a trusted team who are also friends. We’re a bunch of Ivy League alumni & ex-management consultants who put the human-experience at the forefront of our lives, not just business. 

Corporate Digital Transformation Consulting

The noisy Digital World has unlimited information, projects and ideas. Focusing, is all about saying ‘No,’ to the many great ideas that kill productivity and alignment.

I use a systematic way to inspire teams and leadership to get shit done! Really! 

ChatGPT is an additional resource for EVERYTHING. Your team will become 5x more productive. (It really is a game-changer when used correctly) 

Specific focus: Strategy, Marketing, Operations & Digital Products. 

Marketing & Strategy Consulting

Hands-on end-to-end consulting to embrace the Digital World.

Strategic Planning: From Business Case creation, Marketing Research & Competitor Analysis, to go-to-market strategies.

Marketing Plans & Implementation: Web, Social, Paid Media

Transformation and restructuring: Teams, leadership, suppliers, systems, infrastructure, governance, tools & processes.

Data-driven growth: Marketing & usage funnel metrics, and advanced statistical analysis.

Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT is now a pivotal part of any Management Team.

ChatGPT Training: Understand how to use chatGPT as your management consultant, mentor and advisory group.

5x Your Productivity: This isn’t just a buzz phrase. AI is a game changer.

Data-Driven Analysis

Want to bring my analytical mind into full force? Give me the Excel & Data stuff. I personally geek out on that.

Costing Analysis, Profit/Loss, Data-driven growth, marketing & usage funnel metrics, and advanced statistical analysis.

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